Transplant Anesthesiology

Overview of Transplant Anesthesiology

The Transplant Anesthesia Section in the UW Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine provides expert clinical care for patients with cirrhosis, hepatobiliary diseases, and other complex abdominal diseases.

Team approach

Based at the University of Washington Medical Center – Montlake, the largest referral center for transplant surgery in the Pacific Northwest, we take a team approach to providing safe and comfortable anesthesia services to more than 100 patients undergoing liver transplant surgery every year. Our highly specialized multidisciplinary team of anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, and administrators provide comprehensive care for patients undergoing liver transplant and other complex abdominal surgeries, including:

  • Liver transplantation (Cadaveric and Live Donor)
  • Hepato-biliary Pancreatic procedures
  • Abdominal vascular procedures
  • Other complex abdominal surgeries
  • Other surgeries requiring advanced anesthesia knowledge and skills

Gaining knowledge through research

Our clinicians conduct innovative clinical research to advance knowledge in perioperative patient care for liver transplants and other complex surgeries. We are currently engaged in national projects to standardize practices among all large referral centers for liver transplantation. We also conduct regional projects to further our understanding of patient needs in the perioperative period, improve outcomes and quality of care during transplantation, and promote individualized care focused on enhancing safety and comfort in the perioperative period.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for patients who require liver transplantation and other complex liver surgeries, while teaching future anesthesiology leaders and conducting innovative research to further transplantation science.

Kyota Fukazawa, MD, PhD Professor, Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine, Section Chief, Transplant Anesthesia, Director, Transplant Fellowship Program

Team approach

We take a team approach to providing optimal care to over 100 liver transplant patients annually.

Resources for faculty, trainees and patients

  • SATA Educational Material – Case reports, Lecture series, Article of the Month  (*SATA members only); SATA Twitter @SATA @TransplantAnes
  • ILTS Education – International Transplant Society (*ILTS members only)