Patient Education

Patient Education

We want to empower our patients with the knowledge they need to take control of their health. We encourage you to explore our patient education resources to gain a deeper understanding of your health, treatment options, and proactive steps towards a healthier, informed life.

Educational Handouts: Take the best possible care of yourself and your family with information about the health topics that matter to you.

Health Online: Health Online is a library of the patient and family health education materials used at University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, WA.

Health Library: Explore trusted health information to help you manage your health.

At-Home Continuous Nerve Infusions

In a continuous nerve block procedure, a small plastic tube (catheter) is placed in the patient’s leg to reduce the pain after surgery. This technique is used in the outpatient setting with the reliable, portable infusion pumps. To learn more about this technique, visit here.