Neurobiology of Addiction, Pain, & Emotion

Center for Excellence in Neurobiology of Addiction, Pain & Emotion  

The Center for Excellence in Neurobiology of Addiction, Pain & Emotion (NAPE) is a multidisciplinary program bringing together scientists in the Departments of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Pharmacology and Psychiatry to study nervous system disorders resulting in chronic pain, drug addiction and depression.   The Center fosters innovation and collaboration among investigators and trainees to utilize cutting edge techniques to address critical issues in addiction and pain medicine. 

Imaging & Neural Circuits Core

The NAPE Center is home to a range of the latest technologies for high-resolution imaging of brains and brain cells, including two-photon and confocal microscopes.  The Center offers training and consultation for use of core equipment to neuroscience investigators.

Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine Investigators

Michael Bruchas, PhD

The Bruchas Lab studies G-protein coupled receptors (GCPR) function in the contexts of stress, depression, addiction, & pain.

25 Bruchas lab members standing together and smiling

Garret Stuber, PhD

We study neural circuits & manifestation of neuropsychiatric disorders including addiction, maladaptive eating behaviors, & anxiety.

female graduate student sitting at electron microscope with another student observing

Mitra Heshmati, MD, PhD

The Heshmati Group focuses on neurobiology of delirium & social behavior using behavioral modeling & neural circuit dissection.

Li Li, MD, PhD

Dr. Li studies brain neural circuits involved in modulating arousal & developing precise anesthetics.


Jazmyne Fosha
Program Operations
Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine