Continuing Education & Training

Continuing Education & Training

The UW Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine proudly presents and promotes institutional, local, national and international educational opportunities and resources for interested learners and participants to gain knowledge and competence that will benefit their individual practice.

Our department offers several courses in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training to UW & non-UW Anesthesia providers. While the live ACLS trainings we offer usually take place in December and March, we also provide access to ACLS computer simulation training at any time throughout the year.

In addition, Harborview Community Training Center offers in-person ACLS (& BLS) classes several times a year.

2023-2024 ACLS course schedule and registration

ACLS computer simulation

ACLS Sim 2021 allows you to rehearse the latest AHA Advanced Cardiac Life Support guidelines for 12 different megacode scenarios. You interpret the ECG, assess the patient, control the airway, breathing and circulation, defibrillate and administer cardiac medications. You must act quickly in this real-time simulation or the patient’s condition will deteriorate!

For the general public: 

  • Browse to to obtain the software. 
  • The software is Windows and Macintosh compatible and costs $69. 

For UW faculty and staff:

The ACLS simulation software is available for free to any student, resident, nurse, physician or other person with a University of Washington NetID on UW APM intranet.

General instructions:  

  • This training is based on the 2020 ACLS Guidelines.
  • We recommend that you look at the rhythm tutor and take the rhythm quiz if you need to brush up on this knowledge. 
  • To scroll down the information in each text box, left click, hold and move the mouse upwards. 
  • The only compulsory section required to successfully complete the training is “ACLS Sim 2021.” 
  • At a minimum, complete four scenarios, review each debrief and take a photo/scan of each debrief’s score and grade, and email to

We’ve compiled a list of educational videos for UW and non-UW providers to refresh their knowledge on frequently performed advanced airway management procedures. While this list is not all-inclusive, it is an excellent starting point.

Pediatric trauma

Acute Assessment & Management of Pediatric Trauma Patients: Hosted by Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center, the designated Level I Pediatric Trauma Center for Washington state and the surrounding WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho) region, this online curriculum is designed primarily for inpatient providers (physicians and nurses) of early care to injured children.

We are very excited to continue our Global Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Collaborative by reviewing POCUS cases across all our institutions. This series (Global POCUS Collaborative: Cases from Different Spaces) has been set up to cover a broad application of POCUS and provide a longitudinal learning experience to local, national, and international learners. We are fortunate to have presentations from national and international POCUS experts as well as our Global Partners abroad.

To view our monthly case series, please visit our Global POCUS Collaborative: Cases from Different Spaces YouTube channel.

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