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Anesthesiology & Perioperative Outcomes

Our researchers study how to improve clinical care for patients before, during and after surgical procedures.  The goal is to increase the success and the quality of clinical outcome of our patients undergoing surgery by avoiding medical complications and promoting recovery following surgery.  The Center for Perioperative and Pain Initiatives in Quality Safety Outcome (PPiQSO) plays a significant role in the ongoing technical development of data acquisition and analysis to improve patient care, safety and outcomes.

Surgical infection prevention

Dustin Long, MD studies surgical site infection and the development of infection prevention strategies.

four medical personnel wearing blue scrubs surrounding a patient in the operating room

Perioperative & Pain Initiatives in Quality Safety Outcome (PPiQSO)

PPiQSO is a technical center focused on improving perioperative and pain quality of care, patient safety and outcome applying informatics and technology solutions. The Center includes engineering and clinical anesthesiology faculty as well as database and software programmers.

Combining data & technology

PPiQSO has two fundamental focus areas: (1) a data arm focusing on extraction and analysis of perioperative and pain data, and (2) a technology arm focusing on technology tools to improve quality, safety and outcome. The data and technology arms are interconnected as findings from data analysis drives the development of technology or tools. Data analysis is needed to determine the effectiveness of technology tools.

Our goals

  • Develop data management, analytics and reporting tools to support quality improvement & research initiatives in perioperative care and pain management.
  • Develop medical decision support and other technology innovations to improve quality, safety, outcomes, operational efficiency, and waste reduction.
  • Perform and publish informatics & biomedical technology-focused research to identify and improve perioperative and pain management processes and patient outcomes.
  • Translate research into technology solutions, and disseminate knowledge and technology to improve patient care and clinical operations.

Data services

PPiQSO provides data and data analysis services for IRB approved research studies, quality improvement projects to improve patient care, proof of concept in preparation for a larger initiative, and administrative purposes to improve operational efficiency, finances or other administrative functions

Below you will find a link to submit a data request to the PPiQSO team. In addition, there is a link to the intranet portion of our APM website (UW login required) that has additional information about

  • Data resources that are available through our team
  • Recharge Center Rate Sheet (expected charges for funded projects)
  • An overview of our policies and procedures related how we intake, evaluate, and prioritize data requests. Data requestors should review this information so they can best understand our process and expectations for an optimal experience

PPiQSO Fellowship: Data & Technology in Anesthesiology

The goal of the Data and Technology in Anesthesiology Fellowship at University of Washington is to provide a targeted introduction to the use of data and technology to improve workflows and clinical outcomes that specifically apply to the perioperative physicianThe fellowship will focus on understanding anesthesiology information management systems, perioperative registries, perioperative data quality considerations, and the use of perioperative data to support operations, quality improvement, and research

Our people

  • Vikas O’Reilly-Shah, MD, PhD, Director & Associate Professor
  • Drew Walters, MD, Associate Director & Assistant Professor
  • Christine Fong, MS, Assistant Technology Director
  • Shu Fang Newman, MS, Assistant Technical Director for Multicenter Outcomes
  • Leanne Cornel, Program Operations