Adult Pain Research - UW Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Adult Pain Research

Our researchers study acute and chronic pain and the development of innovative methods to treat pain in adults.

Leaders in pain research

Our investigators study pain and pain management with the goal of improving patients’ quality of life.

Dr. Wu and two medical personnel wearing blue scrubs and protective lead aprons using a digital imaging machine to scan a patient's knee

Adult Pain Researchers

Dr. Curatolo is involved in several pain studies including using novel therapeutic targets for neck pain using RNA sequencing on joint and nerve tissue. Dr. Curatolo is also collaborating with investigators at the University of Texas to identify molecular phenotypes of human sensory neurons in patients suffering from chronic pain.

Dr. Patel is studying older adults with osteoarthritis pain and the efficacy of community based exercise and behavioral health interventions to manage pain.  Dr. Patel is also collaborating on a clinical trial identifying biomarkers for evaluating spine treatments.

Dr. Stacey’s expertise is in clinical trials evaluating pain medications.  Currently, Dr. Stacey is involved with a clinical trial studying the efficacy of a drug for patients with moderate to severe osteo arthritis pain.

Dr. Turk is partnering with investigators developing a collaborative framework for prioritizing pain and addiction research, and facilitating the development of safe and effective interventions to improve patients’ lives.

Dr. Wu is involved in a study testing the effectiveness of a high frequency device to reduce pain for patients following amputation.