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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Pain Clinic

Our approach

Our staff at Fred Hutch Pain Clinic are dedicated to managing complex pain in oncology and benign hematology patients. Our approach to pain management in cancer patients is always patient-focused and requires a team approach between all who are involved in care – most importantly, the patient. Successful pain management requires a long-term commitment to care. Our goal is to help our patients gain control of their pain and improve the quality of their lives.

Our team

Not all pain is caused by cancer, making it incredibly important for our patients to understand why they are experiencing pain. It is common for oncology patients to experience pain before, during or after treatment and extending well into survivorship. Our team of clinical nurse coordinators, board-certified pain specialist anesthesiologists, and clinical oncology pain pharmacists maintains close contact with patients to deliver personalized pain management plans and intuitive patient education. Where appropriate, we also involve social workers, physical therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, and other physicians in patient care.

Patient referrals

Nurses are available to discuss pain concerns every Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Please call 206.288.2014 to schedule an appointment with a Fred Hutch Pain Clinic attending physician or pain pharmacist.

Visit the Fred Hutch Pain Care website for additional information.