Anesthesiology Training Verifications - UW Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Anesthesiology Training Verifications

The Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine charges for verifications for internship and residency, regional fellowship, and our ACGME fellowships** which include pain fellowship (NOT acute pain fellowship), critical care fellowship, cardiothoracic fellowship, and OB fellowship. The funds collected for verifications will be put towards the Wellness and Resilience Fund for Anesthesiology, which supports initiatives focused on improving resident well-being and resilience during their training. The total amount charged depends on various factors. Please see the outline below for more information.

**If you are requesting a verification for a fellowship that is not listed, please see the associated webpage here and contact the administrator.  

Verification of Current Resident/Fellow or Recent Graduate 

  • For residents or fellows currently in one of the programs listed above, all verifications are free of charge. 
  • For residents or fellows that graduated in the last academic year, verifications are free of charge as well. 

Verification of Past Residents/Fellows 

For residents or fellows who graduated from one of the programs listed above and do not meet the criteria of a current or recent graduate, verifications are subject to the following charges: 

  • Use of Institution Specific Form (+$50): If you have your own verification form that your institution requires to be filled out, this is an upcharge of $50. To avoid this fee, you can use the standard verification form (pages 4-7) by the American Hospital Association (AHA) linked here. 
  • Requiring a wet signature from Program Director (+$10) 
  • Requiring a notary or seal (+$10) 
  • Requiring postage (+$10) — Please note, we do not accept faxed verifications, nor do we fax verifications.  
  • For physicians who graduated prior to 2010 (+$10) 

Steps to requesting verification. 

1. Please read the above carefully to ensure you understand the charges for verifications. If you have any questions, please feel free to email

2. Calculate your total price via our Verification StoreFront and make payment if required.  

  • On the storefront, there are two options—one for current and recent graduates and another for all others.  
  • If no payment is required, please still complete the transaction. *Please do NOT continue without completing this step. *
  • Please make sure to download your receipt as a PDF when completed (even for $0.00 charges). The receipt will also be emailed to you. You will need it for step 3.

3. Once you have completed step #2, please submit your request here, including an ROI and institutional verification (if applicable). You will need to upload your receipt from step 2. 

4. You will receive the response that we have received and will be working on your request within 7 business days. 

  • We will complete your request within 30 days.