EDI Reporting Tools

Reporting Tools

Mutual respect is expected from all the members within the department. Any staff member, student, resident, fellow or faculty can formally report incidents of negative biases; ranging from one-time events to more severe and sustained behavior.

These are the mechanisms available for reporting:

  • Residency/fellowship program reporting: Personal discussion with the Program Director or any of the Associate Program Directors within the Department.
  • APM Department reporting: Contact Dr. Nathalia Jimenez, Vice Chair for EDI.
  • UW Medicine Bias Reporting Tool
  • University of Washington Reporting: The Civil Rights Investigation Office investigates complaints that a University employee has violated the University’s non-discrimination and/or non-retaliation policies.
  • UW GME Reporting: All complaints are reviewed by Cindy Hamra, Assistant Dean for GME.
  • ACGME Reporting: The ACGME offers an anonymous mechanism to report concerns or file formal complaints about any issues including racism and discrimination.