Pain Medicine Clerkships

Pain Medicine Clerkships

Acute pain is a symptom of disease; chronic pain itself is a disease.

Dr. John Bonica

Everyone knows what “pain” is, since all people have had some personal experience with painful injuries and conditions. This does not make us familiar with the problem of “Pain,” when a pain extends without remission for months to years, or, when it has become “chronic.” Our own experiences with pain can mislead and bias us when we encounter patients with continuing persistent Pain. Acute, and especially chronic pain are very significant problems for patients, their families, their workplaces, the health care system of delivery and payment, and for doctors of all specialties. All medical specialties need a basic core competency in understanding how to take care of pain. You will help your patients if you understand pain.  

The UW Division of Pain Medicine has developed the following integrated curriculum and elective clerkship opportunities for medical students to improve their care of patients experiencing acute and chronic pain. Students will have the opportunity to learn the principles of an interdisciplinary approach to pain management in both inpatient and outpatient settings. 

We offer multiple clerkships across the WWAMI region, for more specific information please check the Clerkship Catalog. 

Here are some examples of clerkships offered in the Seattle Area: 

ANEST 695 — Chronic Care Clerkship — two positions available per rotation 

Students join in active participation as members of the outpatient multidisciplinary team of pain experts at the UW Center for Pain Relief. It includes 4 days at Seattle Children’s Hospital for in and outpatient pediatric pain care and a 4-hr Acupuncture observership in exchange with Bastyr University. 

ANEST 650 — Pain Medicine Clerkship — one position available per rotation 

This is a hospital-based elective emphasizing comprehensive care of patients with chronic pain from benign diseases and cancer. Faculty members from multiple departments provide student with didactic and bedside experiences. Involves both inpatient and outpatient activities. This clerkship focuses on specialty care of acute and interventional pain treatment and is directed towards students interested in anesthesia, surgical specialties, and primary care. 

Offered: A,W,Sp,S — 144 hours, full time, 4 credits 

Prerequisite: third- or fourth-year student. 

Clerkship Site: Harborview Medical Center