Dr. Sam Sharar receives one of the highest UW’s Awards of Excellence - UW Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Grab every opportunity to gain smarts that you pay for in the classroom – but the “real” learning comes from those around you each day in the “classroom of life”’ – Dr. Sam Sharar’s father’s advice to him that became his teaching philosophy.

Dr. Sam Sharar, professor emeritus and Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs & Development, has received one of UW’s Awards of Excellence. He is a recipient of the ‘2023 Distinguished Contributions to Lifelong Learning Award.’ This honor is given to a faculty member who has taught for at least two years in innovative, non-degree programs sponsored by the University that are designed for professional development, personal interest, or career redirection.

Dr. Sharar’s accomplishments and dedication to the public good and high-caliber instruction is extremely commendable. His decades-long commitment to providing medical education and mentorship to learners of all types across the world – medical students, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, therapists, and fellows – is exemplary and tireless.

All through his career span as an academic anesthesiologist, he has tried to acquire new skills and discover new passions from his expert teachers and faculty colleagues as well as from his students, graduate medical trainees, and peer healthcare workers both within and outside the University.

He considers teaching as a highlight of his career. He taught and mentored medical students for 17 years as one of the UW School of Medicine’s 35 core “College Faculty Mentors” and guided a generation of anesthesiology residents through their 4-year acquisition of clinical skills and experience. He also directed the Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine’s Trauma Anesthesia fellowship for 16 years.

Dr. Sharar’s contributions to medical education both within the U.S. and in developing countries has had a resounding effect upon health and safety outcomes throughout the world.