Nitya Kaushik, MSNA


UW Medical Center - Montlake

About Me

Practice Goal

Nitya Kaushik provides her patients and their families the highest degree of compassion, dignity, and respect. She uses nationally recognized best practice methods that emphasize patient comfort, pain control, prevention of nausea/vomiting, and early discharge. She strives to uphold the highest level of professional and ethical standards. Every patient requiring an anesthetic has different physiologic and pharmacologic needs, and she works with the patient and their surgeons to ensure these needs are met.


Nitya Kaushik graduated with a master’s degree in nurse anesthesia from Texas Wesleyan University in 2013. She started at the University of Washington Medical Center in 2014 as a CRNA. Prior to pursuing a graduate degree, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology with a research emphasis on Sick Cell Anemia. She then earned a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Texas Woman’s University.

Graduate School
Texas Wesleyan University

Board Certification
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

She spends her free time with family, hiking with her dogs, traveling, cooking, and volunteering. She is very eager to learn about new cultures.