Arjun Bhalla, PhD

Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Medicine

Pain Medicine

Harborview Medical Center

About Me

Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Evaluating the biopsychosocial sequelae of traumatic injuries and acute medical events, the association between psychosocial factors and physical health (e.g., pain) and function, impact of trauma on care-partners/family, care-partner (caregiver) adjustment, psychometric scale development, technology-based interventions, and the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion in psychology and in healthcare.

Harborview Medical Center

Select Publications
Bhalla, A., Bamer, A. M., Temes, C., Roaten, K., Carrougher, G. J., Schneider, J. C., … & Wiechman, S. A. (2022). Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptom Clusters as Predictors of Pain Interference in Burn Survivors: A Burn Model System National Database Study. Journal of Burn Care & Research.

Allen, E., Renshaw, K., Fredman, S. J., Le, Y., Rhoades, G., Markman, H., & Litz, B. (2021). Associations between service members’ posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and partner accommodation over time. Journal of traumatic stress, 34(3), 596-606.

Bhalla, A., Allen, E., Renshaw, K., Kenny, J., & Litz, B. (2018). Emotional numbing symptoms partially mediate the association between exposure to potentially morally injurious experiences and sexual anxiety for male service members. Journal of Trauma & Dissociation, 19(4), 417-430.

Bhalla, A., Durham, R. L., Al-Tabaa, N., & Yeager, C. (2016). The development and initial psychometric validation of the eHealth readiness scale. Computers in Human Behavior, 65, 460-467.

Medical School
University of Colorado Denver, Clinical Health Psychology, 2020

Graduate School
VA Boston Healthcare System/Harvard Medical School/Boston University School of Medicine, Clinical Psychology Residency, 2020

University of Washington, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Rehabilitation Psychology, 2021

Board Certification
Rehabilitation Psychology

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